Month: September 2017

Mental Illness, Natural Nutrition Approach

MENTAL ILLNESS, NATURAL NUTRITION APPROACH It doesn’t have to be Mental Health Month to talk about mental illness, right? Mental illness is common and unfortunately stigmatized in our society and speaking openly about it helps create awareness and also helps those who suffer from this condition. Would you recognize depression if it stared you right Read More

Fried Bananas!

Fried Bananas! Craving a sweet dessert? Forget all those boxed processed sweets, drop the processed carbs, something way more delicious and healthy exists! Fried bananas! Put a good amount of virgin coconut oil in a pan and turn on the heat, cut your bananas in half and then lengthwise and place in the pan once Read More

Fermented Honey-Garlic

It’s hard to believe because it’s so beautiful out there but yes winter is coming, and with that so is that nasty cold and flu season we all wish didn’t exist! With that said, preparation is key! Immune boosting strategies need to come in play! Things like meditation, exercise and getting enough sleep are all Read More

Cookware? Time for a Change!

Have you thought of the negative effects cookware can have on your health? The heavy metals found in cookware leach into your foods, and even if you are buying organic foods, these become tainted and are no longer beneficial to your body. Inevitably, heavy metals from cookware alter enzymes and tastes, and ultimately end up Read More

Rustic Carrot Top Cilantro Pesto (Recipe)

My Rustic Carrot Top Cilantro Pesto (Recipe) Carrot top greens freshly picked from our garden this morning! Pesto was the first thing that came to mind! Instead of throwing them out I thought I’d make my own yummy carrot top pesto by adding olive oil, fresh garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper and pine nuts! I Read More

Emotions (short blog)

Did you know that emotions play a huge role in the creation of disease! There are numerous psycho-spiritual meanings behind various organs and diseases. For example, liver disease is associated with anger, thyroid issues are associated with inability to speak or to express oneself, diabetes is associated with grief, loss, etc. Know that pent up Read More

Feeding your Baby

FEEDING YOUR BABY Feeding your baby can sometimes come very naturally or it can be very stressful. As new moms we constantly worry and question ourselves! Is my baby eating enough, am I feeding him the right foods, why is she spitting up, etc. It can definitely be overwhelming, but mom, just know that you Read More

Aloe Vera Plant (short blog)

Do you have an aloe plant at home? Aloe Vera is excellent for its ability to clean the air! The gel inside the plant is edible, you can add it to your smoothies. The gel can help heal cuts, soothes burns and is excellent for digestive health. Aloe also is used to treat infections and Read More

Dandelion Herbal Tea (short blog)

Dandelion root tea, closest taste to coffee for you coffee lovers who want to give their liver a break!!! Dandelion tea is a natural diuretic, assists liver to eliminate toxins, it helps strengthen immune system and soothes the digestive tract. Get yourself a cup asap, your body will thank you!!! Read More

Apple Strawberry Pie

GAPS Diet dessert, inspired by a few recipes combined to make this delicious dish!!! As we move on to stage 6 of the Intro diet, we’re all thrilled at the amount of awesome dishes we’ve had and more to come! This crust is made of 2 1/2 cups almond flour, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 3 Read More