Month: August 2020

Chicken Meat Stock Recipe

“Meat stock is known to be healing to the gut whereas bone broth is known to be nourishing to the body” You’ll need a 5L pot, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), quality filtered water, turmeric powder, other spices of choice, vegetables, seaweed, etc. Take a whole chicken or approximately 15 chicken drumsticks, place in Read More

Inflammation Buster: Probiotics

Inflammation buster tip #1: Probiotics! We have both good and bad bacteria in our guts, and the key is to make sure they are balanced. When that balance is disturbed, having more bad bacteria creates dysbiosis. This is what we need to avoid. It’s also important to have a wide variety of these good bacteria Read More

Inflammation: Acute & Chronic

Over the next few weeks I’ll cover inflammation and give you tips on how to reduce it! Inflammation is at the root cause of all disease so getting a handle on it is priority. Inflammation is also connected to your immune system so keeping your immune system in check is important as well. In terms Read More