Author: Cynthia Jan

Radish Green Pesto

I love pesto, and you can make pesto with a variety of greens, it doesn’t always have to be basil. I’ve made it with carrot tops as well and that recipe is available on my blog in another post if you’re interested in trying that out. In this recipe, I’m using an usual ingredient, but Read More

Traditional & Flavoured Mayonnaise Recipes

Homemade mayonnaise has to be one of the easiest and quickest condiments one can make. And by making it yourself, you know exactly what’s in it, and can avoid the nasty rancid oils and GMOs. You can also use herbs and spices to flavour it the way you like. Homemade Traditional Mayonnaise: Ingredients (Makes about Read More

Raspberry Muffin

I’ve been wanting to try Monkfruit as a sugar-free option to my muffins and decided today was the day. Instead of using regular sugar or honey, Monkfruit gives you a sweet tasting muffin without all that sugar. With that said, these muffins are 145 calories each which is quite reasonable for a muffin. If you Read More

Grain-Free Pancakes

Having a child who doesn’t tolerate gluten or any grains actually makes you become very creative when it comes to food. Let’s face it, gluten is in almost everything. And yes there are lots of gluten-free options out there but most are filled with sugar and other nasty ingredients. So I’ve turned my attention to Read More

High Oxalates Foods

It can sound crazy if someone told you to not eat sweet potatoes, spinach, kiwis, nuts and seeds, right! You might think, what are they talking about? But what if you have leaky gut (intestinal permeability) where your gut lining is permeable allowing particles from your foods to get into your bloodstream? What if you Read More

What’s the Best Diet?

Honestly, instead of trying to do everything perfectly, just listen to your body and eat to feel good. If you’ve chosen a certain diet and your still having issues, maybe it’s not the right diet for you or you might need to tweak a few things here and there. What’s most important is that you Read More

Chocolate-y Choco Chip Muffins

Muffins: Gluten Free & Dairy Free / Icing: Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Sugar Free My husband loves chocolate cake and since it was a special day for him yesterday, I decided to make him a special treat. I whipped up this recipe and luckily I had butternut squash on the counter, yes you read Read More

Apple Spice Muffins

I love Fall, one of my favourite seasons! You get to wear snugly, warm and oversized sweaters, grab a blanket and sit with a hot drink on the deck in the backyard while the sun shines on your face. Also a time where the leaves change colours which is one of nature’s most beautiful occurrences, Read More

Chicken Meat Stock Recipe

“Meat stock is known to be healing to the gut whereas bone broth is known to be nourishing to the body” You’ll need a 5L pot, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), quality filtered water, turmeric powder, other spices of choice, vegetables, seaweed, etc. Take a whole chicken or approximately 15 chicken drumsticks, place in Read More

Inflammation Buster: Probiotics

Inflammation buster tip #1: Probiotics! We have both good and bad bacteria in our guts, and the key is to make sure they are balanced. When that balance is disturbed, having more bad bacteria creates dysbiosis. This is what we need to avoid. It’s also important to have a wide variety of these good bacteria Read More

Inflammation: Acute & Chronic

Over the next few weeks I’ll cover inflammation and give you tips on how to reduce it! Inflammation is at the root cause of all disease so getting a handle on it is priority. Inflammation is also connected to your immune system so keeping your immune system in check is important as well. In terms Read More

What’s In Your Food? Weed-Killer?

I’ve been wanting to write about glyphosate (carcinogenic toxic weed killer sprayed on our food) but haven’t had the time, but I did come across this article you’ll find attached below, which is a really great resource and explains glyphosate really well and gives you a list of most of the packaged foods containing glyphosate Read More

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