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Pineapple Mango Ice Cream

Summer weather is the perfect time for this type of treat! I made this delicious pineapple mango ice cream! It’s so delicious! Pineapple is great and besides being an immune booster, it contains an enzyme called bromelain, great for reducing swelling and inflammation! If you suffer from joint pain, make sure to include pineapple in Read More

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Move over Nutella! This homemade hazelnut spread is delicious and easy to make, and of course much healthier.  Ingredients: 1 cup hazelnuts (pre-soaked) 1 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil (melted) 4 tablespoons cacao powder 1/3 cup + 2 tablespoons maple syrup (or honey) 1/4 cup hemp milk or coconut milk or water 1/8 tsp salt Directions: Read More

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Chocolate Avocado Pudding Who loves pudding?!?!? I do, my kids do, my husband does, my neighbors do, frankly I think everyone loves pudding! But commercial made puddings are full of additives and chemicals, so what is one to do! Make your own, it’s really quick and delicious. It’s a great way to get your children Read More

Spicy Beet Gazpacho

Spicy Beet Gazpacho I love a cold soup! And what’s great about this soup is that its base is beets, a liver super food! The liver is responsible for numerous processes in the body, and very important ones for that matter, like detoxifying toxins and excess estrogen, converting Thyroid hormones from T4 to T3–the ones Read More

Easter Chocolate Recipe

EASTER CHOCOLATE RECIPE Easter time comes with expectations for chocolate eggs. I no longer buy conventional chocolate eggs since they’re loaded with GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, canola oil, soy and a ton of other horrible ingredients. So with that said, I decided to create my own Easter chocolate recipe, and since I didn’t have Read More

Easy Peasy Fermented Mayonnaise

Easy Peasy Fermented Mayonnaise I love mayonnaise and had given up on it a while ago, with lacking time to make my own and just not wanting the store bought options. But after trying, I realized how quickly we can make our own at home, and literally took me only 5 minutes. So get the Read More

Salmon Squash Patties

Salmon Squash Patties Looking for a quick lunch or supper idea? Look no further, try some salmon squash patties. I want to thank my friend Emilie, fellow GAPSter, as she is behind my inspiration here. She shared a similar recipe with me and gave me the go ahead to experiment. The salmon provides much needed Read More

Strawberry Chia Coconut Pudding

Strawberry Chia Coconut Pudding Who doesn’t love pudding!! I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t, right!?! I remember growing up, my grandmother used to make my sister and I pistachio pudding, and it was so creamy, just so delicious! And now, I want to share this love of pudding with my kids, without all the Read More


WHY ARE WE FEEDING THIS TO OUR CHILDREN?!? How important is food to life! And when I say food, I mean quality food; being pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, antibiotic, hormone, preservative, chemical and GMO-free. No one needs any of these exogenous substances in their body right?! And what are we feeding our kids? Isn’t it scary Read More


CURRY CUMIN MUSSELS Mussels, you either love them or you don’t! Or maybe you’ve never tried them and are hesitant to! My husband and I love them, and so much so that we had them at our wedding! But despite their benefits, a lot of people are not sure how to make them, and here’s Read More

Chocolate Waffles

We love waffles and being on the GAPS Diet allows you to experiment with other flour combinations besides wheat and oats. So this waffle recipe is based off many other recipes and has been played around with to meet my family’s needs. You can definitely modify them and add spices you like such as cinnamon, Read More

Yummy Chocolate Protein Bar

The Yummy Chocolate Protein Bar If you surf the internet, you’ll find recipe after recipe for protein bars. Sometimes in order to make the perfect bar, you need to try a lot of recipes, play with them, add or remove ingredients and modify them to fit your style. For me, it also means making sure Read More

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