Healthy living is where we implement various strategies to make sure we have sound health and well-being. The objective of healthy living is being at a point in our lives where we feel good! Where we’re not always tired, have random headaches, or tummy aches, it’s where we feel good everyday. Healthy living means eating as fresh as possible, cooking our meals from scratch and living in a clean toxin-free environment.

Healthy living is a lifestyle that supports, improves and maintains our health through various strategies. Knowing what to eat, when to eat, how to prepare food, how to de-stress our lives, how to have fun, how to love ourselves, how to create close connections with others, how to create a healthy mind, how to be active, etc. are all ways to create a healthy life. Healthy living is a lifelong journey and takes motivation and work to achieve.

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With love,
Cynthia Jan



Bacon Wrapped Dates by Kitchn

Mini Bacon Guacamole Cups by 365 Days of Bacon

Rustic Carrot Top Cilantro Pesto by Cynthia Jan

Paleo Cashew Hummus by Health, Home & Happiness


Grain-Free Apple Cinnamon Pancakes by Nourished Kitchen

Overnight Sea Salt and Caramel Coconut Chia Pudding by Cara Comini


Meat Stock (very important in Intro stage of GAPS DIET) by Simply Being Well

Chicken Curry Soup by How we Flourish


Creamy Cashew Icing (dairy free) from Detoxinista

Quick Lemon Frosting from Detoxinista

Chocolate Coconut Beet Cupcakes by Cynthia Jan

Raw Strawberry Cake by Unconventional Baker

Raw Lime Cheesecake by Real Food Pledge

Watermelon and Fruit Kebab Birthday Cake from Wellfed Homestead

Paleo Skittles by Joyfulabode (no sweet potatoes and parsnips allowed on GAPS)

Date Energy Balls by Detoxinista

Chewy Pecan Bites by Health, Home & Happiness